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Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Sending message to queue in ActiveMQ via Camel

We will need to install 3 softwares before hand. A. Fuse B. FuseIDE C. Maven To get JBoss Fuse, logon to JBoss Customer Portal, download the beta version. Or Visit the  . Unzip the file to install JBoss Fuse. (A best practice for installing the software is not to have space or any special characters in the path) open up file under $FUSE_INSTALLATION_PATH/etc by taking out # before admin setting, we have create a user admin, with password admin that has the right of an administrator. Fuse IDE is the development tool, it's very helpful, it has various examples for you to get started. So we download it from JBoss Customer Portal, or Visit the  for it.  Depends on your own operating system, download the version that apply to you. Install the IDE by choosing the installation path and basically just click next, next to complete the installation. Another must have to do this demo is maven. I am sure almost everyone has it