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JBoss Fuse - Running Cron Jobs with Camel, uploading files using SFTP. Part one

In the old days when I was a developer in an finance company, we used to have hundreds of night time daily jobs, weekly and even yearly jobs. These job often required a lot of integration between systems, and can be very hard to manage, and what happen if the job requires intensive CPU usage and needed scale out? With the Quartz2 component in camel, it provides a scheduled delivery of messages or executing business logics, even interact with other systems. Here I am going to show you show use the Quartz2 component that does load balance and upload a file to a FTP Server.  If you ever played with Camel, you'll know there is a component call Timer, it  is used to generate message exchanges when a timer fires. So why use Quartz instead of timer?  This is explained in Camel's document,  Timer is a simple, non persistence timer using the JDK's in built timer mechanism. Quartz uses the Quartz library which uses a database to store timer events and supports distribu