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Fuse Integration Service - Auto Dealership Management Demo, Part One

This series of blog is based on building an auto dealership management system on Fuse Integration Service. We will be creating three major functions in the system. Sales report tracking  Vehicle inventory status Customer IoT Service W e will be exporting a sales report to a web page, provide current inventory status of available cars through web service. And collect customer data from IoT devices on their car then alert close by shops. It would be better if you have some basic knowledge of Apache Camel before you begin, because I will not explain it in a great detail, I'll put my focus on how it works with the base platform, OpenShift. For Camel basic, you can check out my previous JBoss Fuse workshop.  I thought this would be the perfect chance to show how Fuse Integration Service can benefit and support microservice architecture, so yes, this application fits in my  category  of  microservice integration. Each and every function in the application will be divided in

Fuse Integration Service - Setup JBDS and create first quickstart application

Before we go and start creating our first application, I want to show you how to setup your JBoss Developer Studio, create a small application from the quickstart example and then running it on Fuse Integration Service. I am using JBoss Developer Studio version 9, you can find it here. After download the jboss-devstudio-9.0.0.GA-installer-eap.jar double-click it, and start installing with default values. After successful installation, we will need install the plugins for Fuse, on JBoss Central view, select software update, select enable early access. And select JBoss Fuse Development for the plugin, Click on install, and we are all set to go! First thing first, we want to create a Fuse project to deploy on the base of Fuse Integration Service, which is OpenShift. If you have not installed it, please go back to my previous post for instructions. So on your JBDS, right click and start creating the project. Select new, maven project, if you have installed the plugin