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Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Healthcare integration demo Part One

Continue on with the topic from last week, I want to try to demonstrate how JBoss Fuse can help to build a more robust, and agile healthcare integration solution. In this blog I will explain what the demo is about, how to install and play with the demo. You can access the code base here:   I tried to mimic a common situation when we visit a clinic or hospital. Lets start by looking at the departments. There are 5 different parties involve. As you can see, these are commonly found in healthcare and they uses different data format and talks in various protocol. just like what it would be in real life.  Front Registration Desk Responsible for patient registration  Sending registered patient to all departments Storing patient registration data Talks in HL7 v2 Doctor Clinic  Receives registration info For clinical prescriptions  Doctor sending patients to eithe lab test or radiology x-ray Recording paitent condition HL7 Messag

Red Hat JBoss Fuse - The next step of integration for healthcare industry

I wanted to build a JBoss Fuse demo for healthcare industry, and started doing my research on the internet, at first, I thought, it is not going to take long, since there is already a standard out there:  HL7  for data exchanging, how difficult can it be? Integration in healthcare should be a piece of cake...  But I was WRONG! After reading through materials, and looking at this humongous confusing HL7 hierarchy with various version, possible new format, medical terms, and don't even get me started on customization of different parties. I admit, OK, I get why it is complicated now. The fundamental reason of why healthcare is so complex is the number of diverse aspect it needs to cover. Think about this, if you accidentally break your bone, and rushed to an ER to be treated, other then the actual medical treatment you received, the people, information involving behind the scenes are much more then one can imagine, at least for me it is. First is when we got to the ER, they need