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Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Healthcare integration demo Part Three

I was going to talk about my API approach, but then I have many emails asking if I can do a installation video.  In this demo, we will be simulating Four different departments that are typically in hospital. Registration Clinic Laboratory Radiology And a party that is very common outside the hospital itself, Pharmacy You will get to see - how to build microservice for each departments, - how to handle HL7, FHIR dataformat, - how to build a robust architecture, - how to talk in different protocol Through a normal medical visit in the demo. Prerequisite There are few software you need to install beforehad  Vagrant Virtual Box And you also need following software from Red Hat  CDK Virtual Box image OpenShift Client  Installation Make sure you have installed Vagrant and Virtual box. run to setup CDK and web services $ ./ Under project directory ./projects/healthcaredemo $ mvn -Pf8-local-deploy After projects are depolyed,

Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Healthcare integration demo Part Two

I hope you enjoy playing with my healthcare demo, if you have not yet look at it, and would like to know what is the scenario of the demo, and how to run it, please visit my previous blog. Microservices are defined by many people in various ways. But for me, it's all down to why do we need it, if there are no benefit to me or my application, why do I bothered? Taking applications apart into smaller pieces doesn't mean it's going to make my life easier, without proper management or tools to help, I am just moving from a large inflexible tangled spaghetti codebase application to a maze like management hell. I am not against microservices, actually I am all for it, because not only it makes it easier for a new developer to understand the functionality of a service, it allows the workload to split up into independent chunks, members of the team no longer needs to wait for each other to publish and update their application, and choose the language the prefer. Isolating errors