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Organizing microservices - Modern Integration

Microservices is probably one of the most popular buzz among my fellow developer friends, and I do like the concept of being flexible, agile and having simply having more choices. But as a person that worked in the software integration space for years, I started to see some resemblance of the old ESB days. Looking at the problem from ten thousand feet up. A decade ago, we had to come up with a better way of organizing the spaghetti connection in between systems, stop duplicating effort on the same piece of business logic. That is when Service oriented architecture(SOA) became popular. By modularizing services, sharing them among others systems, and organize ways of communication, routing of data. And ESB is one implementation of that, maybe not necessary how it should be done. I was very fortunate to participate in many of these kind of integration projects, and lead some myself. We worked with various middleware vendors, at the time the solutions was all about ESB. By