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My2Cents - Eight things leads to developing catastrophic cloud native microservices system

More of my two cents, just my thoughts. A quick fun read, not too deep, but worth noting :). 1. Setting the domain boundary wrong This is a job guarantee tactics, it's endless looping in development and testing for everyone involved in the project without making the service to production! First everything starts simple and gradually find more and more functions, business logic gets added into the microservice, at the end, one even have to rename the whole damn thing.  Symptoms and side effects  A growing microservices becomes too fat, or every single microservices in the domain calls your microservice. (Sometime core microservice has the same behavior, but you should not see many of this type of services in a single domain.) This violates the microservices principle of easy, maintainable and agile. Duplication of microservices/code everywhere. Where you find bits and pieces of duplicate code or microservices being copied and deployed into other domains.  If you get