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Six reasons why you will love Camel K

Camel K, a project under the famous Apache Camel project. This project totally change the way developers work with Kubernetes/OpenShift cloud platforms. By automating the nasty configuration and loads of prep work from developers.  If you are an old time developer like me. I did my best slowly trying to adapt the latest and greatest cloud native “ecology”. It’s not difficult, but with small things and traps here and there. I’ll tell yel’ it's not a smooth ride. It’s understandable for emerging technologies. But with the large adoption of cloud, I see it’s reaching a level of maturity, where now we are thinking of how to make things go faster, as well as making it more accessible to the larger audience.  And here is why you will love Camel K ..  Real-time coding on the platform When a developer wants to publish their application onto a Kubernetes/OpenShift Platform, they need to first build the app. And containerized the app to have a working image. Then pushing the