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Serverless Integration Components

Serverless should not be optional, but instead it should be there for all cloud native environments. Of course not all applications should adopt serverless. But if you look closer, the majority of the modules in the application are stateless, often stash away in the corner, that are needed occasionally. Some need to to handle loads that are highly fluctuated. These are the perfect candidates to run as serverless.  Serverless let developers focus on code instead of worrying about infrastructural setups. To provide this environment, along with proper monitoring and reliable backbone to handle large throughput of events.   This is what Serverless Integration (Kubernetes based) looks like,  Everything is based on containers. Why care about the underlying technologies for serverless ? Shouldn’t it all be transparent? If your goal is to host or build on a hybrid/multi cloud that is locked-in free from all vendors, it means there are NOT just developers involved in the picture. You